Technical details

The apartments are built only with high quality materials and technology. We were focusing on energy saving when we made decisions about the building technology and the insulation to optimize the overhead costs.

Heating, cooling, hot water

The built-in heat pumps are providing the heating and the hot water, but they can be also used for cooling the apartments.


Beside the general ventilation we ensure by built-in technology that all the places (bathroom, kitchen and any place without window) are ventilated correctly.


  • - We are using windows with three layers of glass. Based on the technology and constructions used the building will be classed as BB energy category (energy needs are almost zero).
  • - The lighting and heating of the common places are provided by solar panel system to minimize the common costs.
  • - The water consumption will be measured by apartments.

Wellness, fitness

Wellness and fitness area (gym, sauna, relax room) will be located in Building B.

Underground garage

In the first phase of the project an underground garage with storage rooms will be built in Building A.




Underground garage